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As a young lawyer, Olga Trujillo was diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder. After undergoing an extensive healing process, Olga has become an internationally sought speaker and renowned author and is featured in the video “A Survivor’s Story”, a documentary and training video based on her personal experience. Her memoir, The Sum of My Parts, was released in 2011.

Today, Olga works to destigmatize and raise awareness about DID.

Olga was a guest on the Mindful Things Podcast discussing dissociative identity disorder.

She explains how she retreated within her own mind each time she experienced trauma and discusses her dedication to helping others who are struggling.

Olga was also a guest on the Safe Place Podcast: We DO Talk About That Here.

Perhaps one of the most stigmatized mental health diagnoses, Olga walks listeners through the realities of DID, the healing process, and how having DID can actually be like a superpower.


La Suma de mis Partes

anunciando el lanzamiento de La Suma de Mis Partes: Testimonio de una Sobreviviente de Trastorno de Identidad Disociativa (Spanish Edition)

Para su primer día en el kínder, Olga Trujillo ya había sobrevivido años de abuso y violentas violaciones a manos de su tiránico padre. Durante los siguientes diez años, ella desarrollaría la capacidad de entumecerse ante el abuso constante dividiéndose en distintas “partes” mentales. El trastorno de identidad disociativa (TID) había comenzado a arraigarse, protegiendo la mente de Olga de las trágicas realidades de su infancia. En La suma de mis partes, Olga revela la historia de su vida por primera vez, relatando su heroico recorrido de sobreviviente a intercesora y su admirable recuperación del TID. Previamente conocido como trastorno de personalidad múltiple, el TID es definido por la presencia de dos o más identidades. En este cautivador relato, Olga lucha por desenterrar recuerdos de su infancia e identidades paralelas, Olga a los cinco años, Olga a los trece, surgen y exigen ser sanadas. Este valiente e inolvidable testimonio traza el triunfo de la autora a pesar de las condiciones más devastadoras e inspirará a cualquier persona cuya vida haya sido afectada por el trauma.

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The Sum of My Parts Now Available

This memoir follows Olga as she splits herself into “parts” and develops dissociative identity disorder with the abuse, and then struggles to merge these parts and overcome the disorder in adulthood.

“In The Sum of My Parts, Olga Trujillo gives us a rare and courageous look inside the psyche’s response to trauma. This deeply moving book carefully reveals how Olga developed, lived with and eventually healed from dissociative identity disorder, and comes to thrive. It is a truly inspiring account of one woman’s quest for happiness.”

—Carole Warshaw, MD, director of the National Center on Domestic Violence, Trauma, and Mental Health, and executive director of the Domestic Violence and Mental Health Policy Initiative

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A Survivor’s Story Now Available

Olga’s critically acclaimed first-hand account of the impact of violence in her life is available. Presented in four ten-minute segments, this insightful documentary has proven a powerful training tool and a lifeline for those beginning their own journey towards survival.

Olga grew up in a family ravaged by violence. In this intimate account of her life, Olga shares the terror of witnessing her father’s brutal attacks on her mother, and reveals the physical, sexual and emotional abuse she herself endured. With candor and astounding clarity, she unravels the connections between her childhood abuse and the rapes she suffered as a teenager and young woman. Her inspirational story sheds light on the complexities of coping with trauma, the struggle towards healing and what it means to truly survive.

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January 23, 2020: Exploring a Lived Experience of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) & The Healing Process

Olga Trujillo was diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder (formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder) at the age of 31. Over the past 27 years she has undergone an intense journey to understand what Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) is, how she developed it, the impact on her life, and addressed the challenges she faced in healing. In 2011 Olga’s memoir, The Sum of My Parts: A Survivor’s Story of Dissociative Identity Disorder was released by New Harbinger Publications. Since then it’s sold over 10,000 copies and has been translated into Japanese, Chinese and now in Spanish. In this webinar, she will bring her experience of DID to help participants expand their knowledge from an inside out perspective and explore a lived experience of DID, reaching cohesive multiplicity and the healing process.

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January 25, 2020: Advocating for Dissociative Identity Disorder in Physical & Mental Health Care

What happens when medical professionals don’t believe in DID or don’t understand the diagnosis? This is a common issue with individuals with DID. There are times when people with DID need emergency care for physical or mental health care and getting informed is critical. This webinar focuses on both gaining a foundational understanding of issues regarding the diagnosis and treatment of DID. It will also offer pragmatic information to use in advocating for effective and informed treatment, understanding and support for individuals with DID.

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